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Welcomes Road

Nestled within the sought-after area of Kenley, Croydon, this detached period property graced a tranquil private road adorned with similar single-family homes. Recognising the immense potential to create luxury apartments, we embarked on a trailblazing journey, guided by our vision and the absence of restrictive covenants or planning policies. With meticulous planning and a deep understanding that breaking tradition might encounter resistance from the local community, we crafted a carefully designed scheme. Although our application garnered a favourable recommendation from the local planning department, its pioneering nature prompted local councillors to call it in to be reviewed at the upcoming planning committee meeting. At the meeting, our scheme received praise for its provision of much-needed quality housing whilst skilfully retaining the original character of the building. The generous size of the apartments received specific acclaim, influencing the committee members to grant the consent. Encouraged by the established principle of conversion and heeding the councillors' feedback, we sought permission for an additional unit, which was granted on the first application. Developed within a swift 12-month period, the project saw all eight units reserved on the highly anticipated open day. This success not only showcased our ability to navigate sensitive planning situations but also highlighted the market's enthusiastic response to our commitment to delivering exceptional, character-retaining homes.