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69 Mitcham Lane

This substantial detached property caught our eye due to its neglected condition and sizeable rear garden. Our investigations uncovered a number of failed planning applications to convert the property into self-contained units. After tracing the owner and making contact,  it was clear that due to the numerous planning refusals they had lost their appetite to continue with the project. As cash buyers offering an immediate exchange and completion, we were able to purchase the property on favourable terms. We wasted no time in submitting a carefully considered application for 7 self-contained flats which was met with a first time approval. The project was built out by our team and the individual units sold on the open market. Always looking to maximise an opportunity we recognised the potential for a further development in the rear garden of the property. An initial application to build a single detached home was submitted and approved, followed by an application to convert the property into 3 self-contained units. Impressed by the speed of our purchase and professionalism in obtaining planning, the sellers reconnected and sold us another development opportunity.

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on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.” – Warren Buffet