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Catford Hill

Amidst the global pandemic, the real estate market experienced a wave of panic selling. In the London Borough of Lewisham, a vacant and dilapidated detached home, held within the same family ownership for over 50 years, presented an exceptional opportunity. Motivated by personal circumstances, the sellers sought a quick sale, aligning perfectly with our unconditional purchase approach. Recognising the untapped potential of the site, we envisioned converting the main house into multiple apartments while utilising the substantial rear garden for a modest new build apartment block. Should this plan face challenges, our fallback strategy involved modernising the property as a single-family dwelling and subsequently selling it on the open market. Navigating the intricate planning process, we engaged the Council's planning department, seeking their guidance through a pre-application process. With thorough preparation and a meticulous submission, we successfully obtained consent to convert the existing building into four self-contained apartments, alongside the construction of a new block of four apartments within the spacious back garden area. In line with our strategic objectives and a portfolio of other projects in preferred locations, we made the decision to trade both sites. Agreements were swiftly reached, and completions seamlessly aligned with our desired timescales. This case study exemplifies our dedication to identifying opportunities, unlocking potential, and delivering results in even the most challenging market conditions. With a commitment to maximising each project's potential, we leverage our expertise to create value and achieve success.