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Guidance & Knowledge

With over 30 years’ experience in the property industry, Bruce has to date personally developed over 900 units with a combined resale value in excess of £315,000,000 and has built numerous multi-million-pound portfolios for himself and retained clients.

The fact that Bruce is always actively developing his own sites ensures that he is up to speed with current market conditions, planning laws, building regulation requirements and that he remains in touch with buyer demands.

Regularly called upon for his expert opinions and insights by international and national press and industry publications, Bruce is renowned as a leading London property expert.

“Plenty of people call themselves property developers- but few people actually have what it takes to make a high end living from it.”

Mentoring Private and Group

Bruce offers bespoke private and group mentoring and motivational sessions tailored to suit the client’s needs, covering a host of topics including; property sourcing, what makes a deal, obtaining finance, planning advice, build costs, exit and marketing strategies and much more. Learning from a recognised industry expert, Bruce will help fast track your success and ignite the entrepreneur within you.

A day in the Lifeof a Successful
Property Entrepreneur

Spend the day with Bruce learning what it takes to make it as a successful property entrepreneur. From hitting the gym with him, to an insight into his diet and motivational mindset he’ll share it all. Shadowing any meetings, viewing potential deals and dropping in on site visits you’ll witness it all first hand. By the end of the day you’ll be primed for success and armed with the knowledge and determination to help you become a successful property entrepreneur.

PrivateQ&A Dinner

Enjoy a private Q&A dining experience with Bruce at one of Central London’s most exclusive restaurants. One to one, Bruce will share the inspirational story of his self made journey to success, provide unique insights into the obstacles he’s faced along the way and the solutions he formed to overcome them. Whether you are seeking advice on how to level up your existing property portfolio, or are a HNWI or company looking to diversify funds into the London property market, this immersive experience is ideal.

"I learnt more in my first mentoring session with Bruce than I did from attending numerous property clubs and seminars - awesome advice and invaluable knowledge."

- George Bertoli, Private Investment agent -

"Back in 2007 I decided to pursue a new career due to pending redundancies in the firm I worked for.  Having decided to venture into the world of property and with no previous experience I needed the best mentor around. Based on his reputation and experience in all property matters I approached Bruce to mentor me.  His guidance and expert advice were crucial, and for every hurdle that I faced, Bruce had a solution to offer. I can’t recommend Bruce highly enough his passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for property (know no bounds) OR have been in the success of my business."

- Holly Furniss, Director – Maxwell Valentine -

"Bruce operates in markets he knows extremely well, and his track record is testament to his ability to identify and deliver successful developments. He is expert at unlocking the potential in properties through planning gain and then delivering a high-quality end product on time and on budget."

- Gavin Diamond, Commercial Director – United Trust Bank -

There are no

educational barriers to gaining entry into the world of property. With determination hard work and a creative mind, success can be achieved.

Never depend

on a single income. Make investment to create a second source.” – Warren Buffet


a career that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life.” - Confucius

An investment

in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Succeed in today’s property market with Bruce Burkitt

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