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Having previously dealt with this solicitor on a similar transaction they had no hesitation in re-connecting to see if we would be interested in acquiring their client’s apartment. Bankruptcy proceedings had been issued and the seller had less than a week to find the necessary funds. Due to the fact that there were tenants occupying the flat only a cash or investor buyer was appropriate. We swiftly put together a proposal to purchase the flat which facilitated an immediate exchange of contracts along with a release of the necessary funds required to clear the debt. With an agreed long stop completion, we were able to broker a forward sale, once again demonstrating our ability to find solutions where others can’t.

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our investors create generational wealth through bricks and mortar. Earning passive income through property investment is one of the most stable ways to create wealth. Despite any potential short-term market volatility as a result of the UK vote to leave the European Union, we believe this long term potential remains intact.